Will + Emily | July 6, 2014


Sometimes I sit back while editing a wedding and have so many emotions. Obviously I get so excited to give them to our clients, I giggle at the cute moments and sometimes I even get sad that the wedding is over. Emily and Will’s was definitely one of those weddings! From our very first coffee meeting they have been such a light. They love The Lord, each other, and their families and those are our most favorite kind of people. There were a million moments that we loved throughout the day but by far my favorite was their first look. Will was just enamored with how beautiful she was(huge thanks to Beauty and the Blush for hair and makeup!) and was beyond thankful that Emily was about to be his forever. Tears flowed as they read vows to each other and then we swept them away for some super fun bride & groom portraits! We had a ton of fun with their bridal party and families and then all of a sudden it was time. It was time for them to finally become the Baxters in front of God and all of their loved ones. They laughed, cried, worshipped, kissed and then when it was all over the fun really had just begun. The reception was obviously a blast…they’re OSU folks and those Okie’s know how to have a good time:)Emily, Will, Makins and Baxters…we cannot thank you enough for being so sweet and welcoming us into your families and being so much fun all day! Also, HUGE thanks to Ashton Gardens and we+you for the amazing florals. Y’all never disappoint! Enjoy a ton of my favorites. I just couldn’t begin to choose. baxterwedding_1112baxterwedding_1113baxterwedding_1114baxterwedding_1119baxterwedding_1115baxterwedding_1116baxterwedding_1117baxterwedding_1120baxterwedding_1121baxterwedding_1122baxterwedding_1123baxterwedding_1124baxterwedding_1125baxterwedding_1126baxterwedding_1127baxterwedding_1134baxterwedding_1128baxterwedding_1129baxterwedding_1130baxterwedding_1131baxterwedding_1132baxterwedding_1133baxterwedding_1135baxterwedding_1137baxterwedding_1136baxterwedding_1138baxterwedding_1141baxterwedding_1142baxterwedding_1139baxterwedding_1143baxterwedding_1144baxterwedding_1145baxterwedding_1146baxterwedding_1147baxterwedding_1148baxterwedding_1150baxterwedding_1149baxterwedding_1151baxterwedding_1152baxterwedding_1153baxterwedding_1154baxterwedding_1155baxterwedding_1156baxterwedding_1158baxterwedding_1157baxterwedding_1159baxterwedding_1160baxterwedding_1161baxterwedding_1162baxterwedding_1163baxterwedding_1174baxterwedding_1164baxterwedding_1166baxterwedding_1165baxterwedding_1167baxterwedding_1168baxterwedding_1169baxterwedding_1171baxterwedding_1172baxterwedding_1173baxterwedding_1170baxterwedding_1175baxterwedding_1176baxterwedding_1177baxterwedding_1178baxterwedding_1179baxterwedding_1180baxterwedding_1181baxterwedding_1182baxterwedding_1183baxterwedding_1184baxterwedding_1185baxterwedding_1186


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Tanner+Kendal | Thistle Springs Ranch Wedding


Man oh man, July 5th was a pretty perfect day. When we pulled up to Thistle Springs and saw the sun shining and everyone we passed on the way in had a Texas sized smile on their face. My kind of people:)Shortly after Kendal arrived beaming with excitement and immediately welcomed Ben and I with a huge hug and a giggle or two about how excited she was. Kendal is one of those people that is constantly full of life and expression and with every photo there was a wink, a smile or a laugh and y’all, that makes a photographers job all to easy. After their super sweet first look we hung out with their bridal party and despite the heat they stuck with us and took some of my most favorite bridesmaids photos EVER. After everyone was put away and I hunkered down in my go to spot for the ceremony the music began. The bridal party walked down to the feather instrumentals from Forrest Gump(so sweet! Totally loved it) Then when the doors opened the Father of the Bride tune played and serenaded Kendal and her Daddy as she waved and winked with every passing aisle. I cried. Obviously. Once it was officially official and they sealed it with a kiss we headed inside for a reception like none other! Those Sooners sure know how to PARTY! The night wasn’t complete without a rap by her maids of honor, an OU fight song by all of the cheerleaders in the crowd and a perfect sparkler exit! Toals, we love ya! Couldn’t have had a better time with you and your families. Enjoy some of our faves!

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Justin+Nikki | Engaged


Nikki is one of the coolest girls I know! She’s the owner and awesometown hair stylist at the Uptown Peacock in Rockwall! Her and her sweet fiance, Justin met me in Plano at the Nature Preserve to shoot their engagement before they headed to Mexico this week to make it officially official! I just loved the way these two loved each other. They laugh and joke around but in just the right moment Nikki smiles at him and Justin beams. It was the sweetest. Have a blast in Mexico, y’all and CONGRATS!

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Chris+Kim | Thistle Springs Wedding


We have been looking forward to Chris and Kim’s wedding for months! It was the perfect storm when it comes to wedding photography. Great venue, beautiful couple, super sweet family, shamazing florist…couldn’t get any better. To highlight a few favorite moments 1) Kim was the coolest bride ever. Storms were threatening us all day and from running inside during portraits to miss the rain to a quit switch of ceremony location she was as cool as a cucumber. 2) Chris plays the Cello and for Kim’s precessional his family played the most beautiful version of “A Thousand Years” that I’ve ever heard. I cried. Like Always. 3) Everyone involved was beyond helpful and super kind. 4) The flowers by The Southern Table NEVER disappoint but these, y’all, these bouquets were out of this world! 5)Last but not least we got to have Mr. Horse up there for some of the portraits. SO cool! Enjoy a lot of our favorites and send Kim and Chris a high five and big hugs!burtonwedding_1065burtonwedding_1059burtonwedding_1063burtonwedding_1071burtonwedding_1062burtonwedding_1064burtonwedding_1060burtonwedding_1066burtonwedding_1067burtonwedding_1061burtonwedding_1076burtonwedding_1111burtonwedding_1110burtonwedding_1080burtonwedding_1079burtonwedding_1049burtonwedding_1053burtonwedding_1047burtonwedding_1048burtonwedding_1057burtonwedding_1054burtonwedding_1050burtonwedding_1051burtonwedding_1052burtonwedding_1081burtonwedding_1077burtonwedding_1082burtonwedding_1078burtonwedding_1083burtonwedding_1086burtonwedding_1084burtonwedding_1096burtonwedding_1087burtonwedding_1088burtonwedding_1098burtonwedding_1101burtonwedding_1102burtonwedding_1100burtonwedding_1103burtonwedding_1094burtonwedding_1095burtonwedding_1056burtonwedding_1055burtonwedding_1068burtonwedding_1069burtonwedding_1072burtonwedding_1070burtonwedding_1073burtonwedding_1074burtonwedding_1075burtonwedding_1104burtonwedding_1105burtonwedding_1106burtonwedding_1107burtonwedding_1108burtonwedding_1109burtonwedding_1091burtonwedding_1090burtonwedding_1093burtonwedding_1092burtonwedding_1089

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Ricky + Brittany | Engaged

lueking_1036Y’all, this is Ricky and Brittany and they have got the cute giggle down pat! I’m such a huge fan of a couple that can laugh together:)These two beautiful people will be married next March and they are working with Significant Events so it’s sure to be FAB! R & B we could shoot you guys all day long. Can’t wait to do it again! Enjoy some of my favorites:)


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