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These two are F-U-N! I love when our couples make each other laugh…the only time I’m funny is when I’m being clumsy so it makes my job so easy when our brides and grooms crack each other up:)Lauren and Clint met me on a HOT summer evening but they totally rocked their session and I am so excited to share some favorites! These two beautiful people are tying the knot in October so you’ll see them again SUPER soon YAY! Ps Lauren’s eyes? HELLO BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy!dallas engagement photos_0519dallas engagement photos_0521dallas engagement photos_0520dallas engagement photos_0522dallas engagement photos_0523dallas engagement photos_0524dallas engagement photos_0525dallas engagement photos_0527dallas engagement photos_0526dallas engagement photos_0528dallas engagement photos_0531dallas engagement photos_0530dallas engagement photos_0529dallas engagement photos_0532dallas engagement photos_0533dallas engagement photos_0536dallas engagement photos_0534

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Our favorite part of this amazing job is definitely getting to be a part of so many amazing families. The Hodge family is one of a kind. They’re all funny, sweet, but most of all super welcoming and made Ben and I feel right at home the second we arrived. Megan and Ian are so full of joy and shooting their wedding felt like a dream. It’s not often we shoot weddings with super small bridal parties and it always is so special to get to dedicate so much time to just the newlyweds alone and WE LOVED IT! Enjoy a few of my many favorites and send the McCords some lovin! We can’t thank you all enough for being so great to us!sugarland tx wedding_0484sugarland tx wedding_0496sugarland tx wedding_0487sugarland tx wedding_0485sugarland tx wedding_0492sugarland tx wedding_0493sugarland tx wedding_0488sugarland tx wedding_0489sugarland tx wedding_0490sugarland tx wedding_0491sugarland tx wedding_0494sugarland tx wedding_0495sugarland tx wedding_0497sugarland tx wedding_0498sugarland tx wedding_0499sugarland tx wedding_0500sugarland tx wedding_0517sugarland tx wedding_0506sugarland tx wedding_0501sugarland tx wedding_0502sugarland tx wedding_0503sugarland tx wedding_0504sugarland tx wedding_0505sugarland tx wedding_0508sugarland tx wedding_0509sugarland tx wedding_0514sugarland tx wedding_0510sugarland tx wedding_0511sugarland tx wedding_0513sugarland tx wedding_0516sugarland tx wedding_0515sugarland tx wedding_0507sugarland tx wedding_0512

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We love this wedding. Everything it stood for. Every moment and every tear. It was a true testament to not only how much Landon and Alyssa love each other but the love they have for their sweet friends and family and how special they are to everyone. I cried about fifty times and laughed a hundred times as much and left the day with my cheeks sore and heart so full I could burst! We have been so pumped to share their images! Enjoy so many favorites and have a beautiful day! Love you Furrs! So many thanks for trusting us with your day and being so gracious and wonderful! Xo!
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Well this post was supposed to go up at 6:30 AM like normal but life lately has been a little crazy, as I’m sure everyone has! That’s why this session is so perfect for today. When life gets more than you can handle sometimes you just need to rise with the sun and be still. Be present. Be peaceful. Kelsey and Jared are the sweetest and we are so excited to be a part of their wedding and lives! We love the Crenshaw family! These two were troopers and met us a 6 AM to start the session and were to epitome of morning people…and as a fellow early riser I was super grateful! Enjoy some of our favorites from their session and send some love to the soon to be newlyweds!country engagement photos_3291country engagement photos_3294country engagement photos_3292country engagement photos_3296country engagement photos_3293country engagement photos_3297country engagement photos_3295country engagement photos_3298country engagement photos_3299country engagement photos_3301country engagement photos_3300country engagement photos_3303country engagement photos_3310country engagement photos_3312country engagement photos_3304country engagement photos_3313country engagement photos_3305country engagement photos_3314country engagement photos_3306country engagement photos_3307country engagement photos_3309country engagement photos_3311country engagement photos_3308

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Sara and I went to rival colleges ages ago and knew of each other but didn’t really KNOW know each other. Little did I know she was an avid follower of Ben and I’s work and about to get engaged to the love of her life until we were bridesmaids together at my best friends wedding! I loved being a part of their big day! Sara has the sweetest most genuine heart and is just a dream to photograph! That smile, the giggle and her easy going spirit was just perfect. Their wedding day forecast was rainy and to be really honest we were bummed about it. It had rained for their engagement session AND her bridal portraits so we’d had enough. The Lord was on the lookout though and right after their ceremony the sun peaked out and had the most gorgeous glowy light to top off their perfect day! I was so beyond thankful:)Enjoy some of our favorite images and send the Morgan’s some internet love! Congrats guys!jefferson texas wedding_0325jefferson texas wedding_0354jefferson texas wedding_0326jefferson texas wedding_0328jefferson texas wedding_0327jefferson texas wedding_0356jefferson texas wedding_0357jefferson texas wedding_0355jefferson texas wedding_0358jefferson texas wedding_0331jefferson texas wedding_0329jefferson texas wedding_0332jefferson texas wedding_0330jefferson texas wedding_0333jefferson texas wedding_0334jefferson texas wedding_0335jefferson texas wedding_0336jefferson texas wedding_0337jefferson texas wedding_0346jefferson texas wedding_0349jefferson texas wedding_0360jefferson texas wedding_0359jefferson texas wedding_0338jefferson texas wedding_0339jefferson texas wedding_0340jefferson texas wedding_0341jefferson texas wedding_0345jefferson texas wedding_0342jefferson texas wedding_0366jefferson texas wedding_0343jefferson texas wedding_0344jefferson texas wedding_0361jefferson texas wedding_0347jefferson texas wedding_0348jefferson texas wedding_0350jefferson texas wedding_0351jefferson texas wedding_0352jefferson texas wedding_0353jefferson texas wedding_0370jefferson texas wedding_0369jefferson texas wedding_0367jefferson texas wedding_0365jefferson texas wedding_0362jefferson texas wedding_0363jefferson texas wedding_0368