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dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1279

What a day. What a couple! These two are the most genuinely sweet couple in the world and the time we got to spend with their families was so so special to us! They were married at the Dallas LDS Temple and it was such a cool experience for us! The moment they came out of the doors joined as one there were tears, whoops and hollers and so much joy! We had so much time for photos and the light that day was just out of bounds:)Lauren, Mike, we are so blessed to know you and so excited to finally share your wedding photos on the blog! Enjoy and happy Tuesday!dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1231dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1233dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1232dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1237dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1235dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1236dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1234dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1241dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1238dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1239dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1240dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1244dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1242dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1243dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1245dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1246dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1247dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1248dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1250dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1249dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1251dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1252dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1253dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1255dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1254dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1256dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1257dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1258dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1259dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1260dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1261dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1262dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1267dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1270dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1269dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1264dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1268dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1263dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1265dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1266dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1271dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1273dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1276dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1272dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1278dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1277dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1274dallas LDS Temple Wedding_1275

new york city engagement session_3563

Gabi and I have “known” each other for a few months via phone and email but the first time we met met was in front of the Plaza in New York City! This girl y’all, She is SO sweet and fun to shoot and her debonaire fiance, Mike, sure did make my job easy! There’s something magical about shooting in NY at sunrise. It’s like the city is still asleep and we were the only ones around. Walking the Brooklyn Bridge with them was beyond magical and seeing the streets of Dumbo for the first time was just beyond amazing! Mike, thanks for the insiders tour of the best city in the world and Gabi, thanks for all the giggles! We cannot wait for April y’all! Enjoy and Happy Friday!new york city engagement session_3520new york city engagement session_3528new york city engagement session_3530new york city engagement session_3521new york city engagement session_3526new york city engagement session_3525new york city engagement session_3522new york city engagement session_3523new york city engagement session_3524new york city engagement session_3527new york city engagement session_3529new york city engagement session_3531new york city engagement session_3532new york city engagement session_3533new york city engagement session_3534new york city engagement session_3535new york city engagement session_3536new york city engagement session_3537new york city engagement session_3538new york city engagement session_3544new york city engagement session_3548new york city engagement session_3542new york city engagement session_3539new york city engagement session_3540new york city engagement session_3545new york city engagement session_3543new york city engagement session_3541new york city engagement session_3546new york city engagement session_3547new york city engagement session_3549new york city engagement session_3551new york city engagement session_3550new york city engagement session_3554new york city engagement session_3552new york city engagement session_3565new york city engagement session_3553new york city engagement session_3559new york city engagement session_3555new york city engagement session_3556new york city engagement session_3561new york city engagement session_3566new york city engagement session_3558new york city engagement session_3562new york city engagement session_3564new york city engagement session_3560new york city engagement session_3567

white rock lake enagement photos_1138

From the second I met Kerbie I knew she was going to be a blast! She’s so bubbly and funny and SUPER excited to be getting married and planning a gorgeous wedding! Her and Brett met me on a perfect fall day for their engagements and they totally brought the cute. I mean really, they are SO photogenic! Brett is the perfect calm to her excited and the two of them are just a perfect pair. We cannot wait for the wedding, y’all! Enjoy!white rock lake enagement photos_1115white rock lake enagement photos_1118white rock lake enagement photos_1116white rock lake enagement photos_1120white rock lake enagement photos_1117white rock lake enagement photos_1119white rock lake enagement photos_1121white rock lake enagement photos_1122white rock lake enagement photos_1124white rock lake enagement photos_1126white rock lake enagement photos_1123white rock lake enagement photos_1125white rock lake enagement photos_1129white rock lake enagement photos_1127white rock lake enagement photos_1128white rock lake enagement photos_1130white rock lake enagement photos_1131white rock lake enagement photos_1132white rock lake enagement photos_1133white rock lake enagement photos_1136white rock lake enagement photos_1134white rock lake enagement photos_1135white rock lake enagement photos_1137white rock lake enagement photos_1139white rock lake enagement photos_1141white rock lake enagement photos_1140white rock lake enagement photos_1142white rock lake enagement photos_1143white rock lake enagement photos_1144white rock lake enagement photos_1145white rock lake enagement photos_1146white rock lake enagement photos_1147

sunrise engagement session_1209

Allie and Ethan are such a joy. They both love their life, love The Lord and love each other and being around them just makes everyone better! We hadn’t technically met before their engagement session and the second we got out of the car(after I passed the location about 42 times HELLO country) she gave me the biggest hug and it was like we’d known each other for years. That’s the best thing about these two. They’ve got the most welcoming hearts! We are so pumped for their wedding this winter with Significant Events of Texas and can’t wait to see all the pretty! Happy Friday!sunrise engagement session_1203sunrise engagement session_1206sunrise engagement session_1204sunrise engagement session_1205sunrise engagement session_1208sunrise engagement session_1207sunrise engagement session_1216sunrise engagement session_1214sunrise engagement session_1210sunrise engagement session_1211sunrise engagement session_1212sunrise engagement session_1213sunrise engagement session_1215sunrise engagement session_1217sunrise engagement session_1218sunrise engagement session_1222sunrise engagement session_1219sunrise engagement session_1220sunrise engagement session_1221sunrise engagement session_1223sunrise engagement session_1224sunrise engagement session_1225sunrise engagement session_1226sunrise engagement session_1227sunrise engagement session_1228sunrise engagement session_1229