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I met Brittni the first time while I was speaking in her class at DBU. I feel like God really put us both there on that particular day because Britt is everything we love about a Tarno bride and Zach is just the sweetest man you’ll ever meet. I’m just beyond thankful to have been there with them on Saturday and to have been able to meet their awesome friends who made the day a blast from start to finish! I couldn’t narrow it down to just one favorite moment…you know me. So here’s three of my 1.2 million favorites! Right before Britt walked down the aisle her sweet bridesmaids surrounded her and prayed over their marriage but more than that they thanked God for being put in Britt’s life because she loved them all so well and with everything she had. ALL THE TEARS. Sweet friends are a blessing. Second, when it was time for his bride to come out with her dad, Zach took about 10 huge breaths and then sang in praise then smiled a Texas sized smile then LOST it as soon as he caught a glimpse of her. It’s just a rule, y’all. When the groom cries I cry and when I cry Ben cries. It was fine though we would have been the only ones if we hadn’t teared up. Britt was a vision, enough to bring even the hardest heart to a puddle of love. Last, after portraits, right before we headed to the reception Zach grabbed Brittni and chucked her over his shoulder. He was ready to take his WIFE to Hawaii ha! After a little convincing he agreed to head to the party where they danced the night away. Beans, you are truly one of a kind and we are so thankful to have been a small part of your beautiful story. madera estates wedding_3968madera estates wedding_3967madera estates wedding_3966madera estates wedding_3973madera estates wedding_3969madera estates wedding_3974madera estates wedding_3970madera estates wedding_3972madera estates wedding_3971madera estates wedding_3976madera estates wedding_3975madera estates wedding_3978madera estates wedding_3977madera estates wedding_3982madera estates wedding_3994madera estates wedding_3986madera estates wedding_4005madera estates wedding_3990madera estates wedding_4003madera estates wedding_4006madera estates wedding_3988madera estates wedding_3993madera estates wedding_3987madera estates wedding_4004madera estates wedding_3992madera estates wedding_4002madera estates wedding_4001madera estates wedding_3983madera estates wedding_3984madera estates wedding_4000madera estates wedding_3991madera estates wedding_3989madera estates wedding_3985madera estates wedding_3996madera estates wedding_3998madera estates wedding_3997madera estates wedding_3999madera estates wedding_3981madera estates wedding_3980

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We walked into the church where Kerbie’s parents were married, where her sister was married and where her and Brett would in just a few short hours make her vows to Brett. It was a beautiful March Saturday and if you’re in Texas you know how much it rained ALL week long so when the sun finally peaked out behind the clouds it was a whole new kind of beautiful. The best part about it the rain was all of a sudden everything was green and perfect for a spring wedding. I could have shot Kerbie and her fun bridesmaids ALL day and they were such troopers that when the boys showed up a little earlier than planned they formed a bridesmaid FORT to make sure Brett couldn’t even get a glimpse of her. It was hilarious! The ceremony was a blur of giggles and belly laughs because their minister(whom also married her sister and parents) had everyone in stitches…even making the newlyweds sign a contract promising to have him over to their new home because they have a pool! Ha! Loved it! We got lots of time with Kerbie and Brett after the wedding for portraits and obviously I was in heaven. I mean, come on. Kerbie gets her model on every time we’re together and Ben and Brett put up with our squeals and OMGs. Enjoy so many of my favorites! Kerbie and Brett, hope y’all are having the best time ever on the beach! Happy Honeymooning!
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After the mild winter we had I didn’t think that I was really craving spring until I started seeing gorgeous white blooms all around. I kept telling Ben all week, “Man, I REALLY hope there are some bradford pears at the venue this weekend. That would be amazing for Cynthia and Mike!” Low and behold as we drove down two or three winding roads the more and more blooms I saw until BAM a long road of them right outside her bridal suite! I obvioulsy squealed with excitement and Ben looked at me like he always does when I geek out. We have been so pumped for Cynthia and Mike to get married and their day was just perfect! They’re both so calm cool and collected and throughout the day despite the crazy wind neither of them favored. They were just ready to see each other! Mike’s Texas-sized smile turned to alligator tears as his bride made her way over the bridge. I thought Cynthia was going to run all the way down the way her face was lit up! She just couldn’t wait. We loved being part of such a special group of folks for the day and are so thankful for each of these sweet moments! Congrats to the Woods! We love you! Enjoy!  bear creek ranch wedding_3803bear creek ranch wedding_3802bear creek ranch wedding_3808bear creek ranch wedding_3806bear creek ranch wedding_3804bear creek ranch wedding_3827bear creek ranch wedding_3805bear creek ranch wedding_3807bear creek ranch wedding_3810bear creek ranch wedding_3814bear creek ranch wedding_3811bear creek ranch wedding_3812bear creek ranch wedding_3813bear creek ranch wedding_3815bear creek ranch wedding_3821bear creek ranch wedding_3817bear creek ranch wedding_3819bear creek ranch wedding_3816bear creek ranch wedding_3818bear creek ranch wedding_3820bear creek ranch wedding_3822bear creek ranch wedding_3823bear creek ranch wedding_3824bear creek ranch wedding_3825bear creek ranch wedding_3830bear creek ranch wedding_3831bear creek ranch wedding_3832bear creek ranch wedding_3833bear creek ranch wedding_3834bear creek ranch wedding_3835bear creek ranch wedding_3836bear creek ranch wedding_3837bear creek ranch wedding_3838bear creek ranch wedding_3839bear creek ranch wedding_3840bear creek ranch wedding_3845bear creek ranch wedding_3842bear creek ranch wedding_3841bear creek ranch wedding_3844bear creek ranch wedding_3843bear creek ranch wedding_3846bear creek ranch wedding_3853bear creek ranch wedding_3855bear creek ranch wedding_3847bear creek ranch wedding_3851bear creek ranch wedding_3848bear creek ranch wedding_3849bear creek ranch wedding_3857bear creek ranch wedding_3850bear creek ranch wedding_3852bear creek ranch wedding_3854bear creek ranch wedding_3856bear creek ranch wedding_3858bear creek ranch wedding_3859bear creek ranch wedding_3861bear creek ranch wedding_3865bear creek ranch wedding_3862bear creek ranch wedding_3864bear creek ranch wedding_3866bear creek ranch wedding_3867bear creek ranch wedding_3863bear creek ranch wedding_3860bear creek ranch wedding_3868bear creek ranch wedding_3869

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Each off season I pick a little project at our house! Last year it was the bathroom which was a little more expensive than I thought so this year I just a simple update on our guest room! I painted the walls a blue color when we first moved in and  as much as I liked it my neutral loving heart was longing for a gray in here. If you’ve been to my house…you know every room is gray except for the guest bath ha! I just love it! Anyway after a fresh coat of paint it really came down to accessories. I found all of the pieces at either Hobby Lobby, a mom and pop called Elsie Mae’s or At Home! The white cake stand is from Magnolia Market. After it was all said and done I just couldn’t be happier with it and can’t wait to have friends and family stay! Happy Weekend, y’all! Also, huge thanks to The Sisters Studio for the adorable pillow!

Paint Color: Woodlawn Colonial Grey(Valspar)

Bed Frame: My mammaw gifted it to me!

Bedding: Overstock

Bedside Tables: Refinished from a garage sale find

China: Also an heirloom from my mammaw

Lamps: Target

Greenery: At Home

Wall Decor: At Home and Hobby Lobby

venue at waterstone wedding_3793venue at waterstone wedding_3795venue at waterstone wedding_3792venue at waterstone wedding_3794


venue at waterstone wedding_3790Our dear friend, Rita, sent Tori and Stephen our way a few months ago and from our very first email I knew they were our kind of couple! Tori is so joyful and sweet. She smiles effortlessly at every moment and Stephen is so kind hearted, strong and in awe of her with every one of her movements. Swoon! Being around them makes you want to be in love and if you are in love it makes you want to love better. We had a BLAST on Saturday with them and their closest friends and family and we were blessed with such a gorgeous day! I’m so about February feeling like April!

Tori’s older sister is exactly the same age I will be when my baby sister gets married and there was something about that connection that just hit me in the feels! There were so many moments that I will never forget from giggling with all the girls all afternoon to watching Stephen melt at the site of his gorgeous bride to him selflessly washing her feet in honor of Jesus’ love for his church. Watching two families that are so close knit open up and become one even bigger happier family is the most special thing and we are so honored to be a part of that each weekend! Tori, Stephen, thank you for making our job so easy and for loving Jesus whole heartedly. We are so so thankful to know you both! Also, HUGE thanks to the dreamteam that made it all possible! You guys are top knotch!

Coordination, Design and Vintage Rentals: Rent My Dust

Bouquets and Bouts: Holly Viles Designs

Hair and Makeup: The Styling Stewardess

Venue: The Venue at Waterstone

Catering: Rudy’s

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