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southlake vineyard wedding_0967

When Sarah first emailed us about shooting their wedding we were booked. AND BUMMED! But sometimes things just work out and with a couple of changes we were able to be a part of their gorgeous wedding! Sarah and Will are good to the core and their families together made for the most perfect day! We loved getting to meet everyone and had the best time shooting all of the pretty! Congrats to the Hamiltons! You guys are the best!
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deep ellum brewing company engagement photos_0957

Kevin and Rebecca are the coolest y’all! They chose to take their engagement session at the Deep Ellum Brewing Company because they love beer, cool hangouts, and air conditioning! It could not have been more fun to shoot and it makes us all sorts of pumped for their wedding this fall in Plano! Enjoy a few of my faves…one of which is the last frame. They jumped in the pool with their pups because they’re amazing! Happy Monday!deep ellum brewing company engagement photos_0954deep ellum brewing company engagement photos_0956deep ellum brewing company engagement photos_0948deep ellum brewing company engagement photos_0955deep ellum brewing company engagement photos_0953deep ellum brewing company engagement photos_0950deep ellum brewing company engagement photos_0959deep ellum brewing company engagement photos_0952deep ellum brewing company engagement photos_0949deep ellum brewing company engagement photos_0951deep ellum brewing company engagement photos_0963deep ellum brewing company engagement photos_0965deep ellum brewing company engagement photos_0964deep ellum brewing company engagement photos_0962deep ellum brewing company engagement photos_0961deep ellum brewing company engagement photos_0960deep ellum brewing company engagement photos_0958deep ellum brewing company engagement photos_0966

southern bridals_0941

I was lucky enough to shoot Danielle’s bridal session a couple of weeks before their big day! This beauty and her mom, mother in law and super sweet sister were such a big help and we had a blast and braved the heat and she rocked her session! I cannot wait to see their wedding images and more loveliness from this darling couple. Huge thanks to A Styling Stewardess and Something Pretty Floral!
southern bridals_0937southern bridals_0931southern bridals_0936southern bridals_0932southern bridals_0933southern bridals_0939southern bridals_0934southern bridals_0935southern bridals_0940southern bridals_0938southern bridals_0944southern bridals_0942southern bridals_0946southern bridals_0943southern bridals_0945

The Houstonian Wedding_0907

Kirsten and Lance found us through one of our favorite blog, Southern Weddings! From the first email these wonderful people were warm, welcoming and most of all PUMPED about their wedding. You see, Kirsten and Lance have a ton of friends from across the globe. From high and low East and West they all were coming to Houston to celebrate and it was a PARTY! So fun, so beautiful. My favorite part of the day was hanging out with Kirsten and Lance seconds after they were married. These bride and groom portraits are some of my favorites ever and I’m so thankful for those few minutes. Enjoy all of the beautiful details, beautiful people and joy that surrounded them on that hot August day. Love you both! Love this wedding!

Coordination: Belle of the Ball Events

Florals: The Blooming Gallery

Bridal Gown: Anne Barge Bridal

Bridal Boutique: Ivory Bridal Houston

Venue: Christ’s Church Cathedral and The Houstonian

The Houstonian Wedding_0881The Houstonian Wedding_0882The Houstonian Wedding_0884The Houstonian Wedding_0885The Houstonian Wedding_0886The Houstonian Wedding_0887The Houstonian Wedding_0888The Houstonian Wedding_0889The Houstonian Wedding_0895The Houstonian Wedding_0890The Houstonian Wedding_0891The Houstonian Wedding_0892The Houstonian Wedding_0894The Houstonian Wedding_0893The Houstonian Wedding_0896The Houstonian Wedding_0897The Houstonian Wedding_0898The Houstonian Wedding_0899The Houstonian Wedding_0900The Houstonian Wedding_0901The Houstonian Wedding_0903The Houstonian Wedding_0902The Houstonian Wedding_0904The Houstonian Wedding_0909The Houstonian Wedding_0905The Houstonian Wedding_0914The Houstonian Wedding_0906The Houstonian Wedding_0910The Houstonian Wedding_0908The Houstonian Wedding_0911The Houstonian Wedding_0912The Houstonian Wedding_0913The Houstonian Wedding_0922The Houstonian Wedding_0915The Houstonian Wedding_0916The Houstonian Wedding_0917The Houstonian Wedding_0919The Houstonian Wedding_0918The Houstonian Wedding_0920The Houstonian Wedding_0921The Houstonian Wedding_0924The Houstonian Wedding_0923The Houstonian Wedding_0925The Houstonian Wedding_0927The Houstonian Wedding_0926The Houstonian Wedding_0928The Houstonian Wedding_0929The Houstonian Wedding_0930

gruene estate wedding_3484gruene estate wedding_3484Tyler and Kristen were married this summer at one of the most unique and sweet venues in Texas, Gruene Estate! Ben and I love the hill country and are just tickled every time we get to shoot down there. If you remember back to May you’ll recall it rained…rained and rained. Like every day buckets and buckets. Well this Saturday was no different. Her mom and I kept stalking the radar while Kristen primped and prepped and as much as we tried to hide it she knew…the storm was a coming. There are a lot of brides who’d lose it at this point and feel like their day was ruined. But not Kristen and Tyler. They surrounded themselves with the sweetest and most supportive friends who put a smile on their face in a stressful situation and made every moment memorable and perfect. We waited for a break in the storm and all headed to the chapel arm in arm under umbrellas and awaited Kristen and her dad to drive up in the vintage red truck. As she came through the doors she brought the sunshine and lit up Tyler’s face. They made their vows and kissed to forever them pretty soon after the rain stopped. THEN we got to take the most fun photos and partied the night away. Kristen, Tyler, you guys are the best. Congrats!gruene estate wedding_3481gruene estate wedding_3480gruene estate wedding_3483gruene estate wedding_3485gruene estate wedding_3482gruene estate wedding_3486gruene estate wedding_3487gruene estate wedding_3488gruene estate wedding_3489gruene estate wedding_3496gruene estate wedding_3495gruene estate wedding_3494gruene estate wedding_3491gruene estate wedding_3490gruene estate wedding_3492gruene estate wedding_3497gruene estate wedding_3493gruene estate wedding_3498gruene estate wedding_3499gruene estate wedding_3502gruene estate wedding_3501gruene estate wedding_3500gruene estate wedding_3503gruene estate wedding_3504gruene estate wedding_3505gruene estate wedding_3506gruene estate wedding_3510gruene estate wedding_3507gruene estate wedding_3508gruene estate wedding_3509gruene estate wedding_3511gruene estate wedding_3513gruene estate wedding_3514gruene estate wedding_3512gruene estate wedding_3515gruene estate wedding_3517gruene estate wedding_3518gruene estate wedding_3516gruene estate wedding_3519