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Megan is my kind of girl. She’s super sweet, crazy funny and just all around awesome so shooting her bridals was a BLAST obviously. There’s something about winter in east Texas that just scream soft and sweet to me and that dress? That dress was out of bounds amazing! The photo of the swing is a hands down favorite. Her late grandpa built it and would swing her on it when she was young and all of that just makes my heart warm and my eyes sting…because once again I’m a baby and cry all the time.

Be sure to check back next week for their beautiful wedding on the blog! There was gorgeous sun, champagne bridesmaids gowns, and a crazy cool vintage car. Trust me, don’t miss it! We are packing up for a beautiful snowy wedding tomorrow and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t PUMPED about it! It’s going to be gorgeous so if everyone could pray for safe travels for us and their family that would be fantastic. Then! Then we are heading to Las Vegas for WPPI. We’ve never been so adventures and photography talks await.

I hope you all enjoyed checking out our new website and brand yesterday! We cannot thank you all enough for all the sweet words and support! We love you all! winterbridals_0523winterbridals_0529winterbridals_0526winterbridals_0527winterbridals_0524winterbridals_0530winterbridals_0531winterbridals_0532winterbridals_0533winterbridals_0534winterbridals_0525

Well friends, it’s been a LONG two months but today we are so proud and excited to finally launch our new brand, website and blog! We have had so much support from all of you, our family and friends, peers and people we look up to most. I don’t know if it’s the late hours or that I’m just a big baby, but sharing this with you all just brings tears to my eyes.

From the beginning this business was about so much more than the images, so much more than the pretty, so much more than a job to me. I’ve always had a heart for people and I knew way before I even knew how to pick up a camera that when that whatever I did with my life I wanted to love people, care for people, and bring joy. I never knew that wedding photography would be that for me but when I sat in my car after the first wedding I shot it quickly became evident to me that this was it. This is what God made me to do and after the first two years Ben came along and made my life…literally. The fact that we get to do this together is just the biggest blessing and I’m eternally grateful that I get to share the joy of this business with my sweet husband and we get to take on the trials, the ups, the downs, the highest highs and the lowest lows together. I couldn’t do it without him. Which brings me to the biggest change in our new brand!

Tucker Images became Tucker Images because Tim Tucker touched my life the way I wanted to touch others. He was a joy, a light, and he made everyone feel welcome and important. After he died and when I was just starting this journey I knew that I wanted to honor him and for my business to be a joy and light for others. I know he’d be proud of Ben and I. I know he’d be excited for us and I know he’d laugh at my mom because she’s probably crying reading this.

Ben and I are ready to start our own legacy and as proud as I am of the business we’ve built over the years, of the amazing couples God has blessed us with and of what Tucker Images has done for our life I’m MOST proud to be a Tarno. So here we are…The Tarnos, a husband and wife team. Britney and Ben. The tall wise guy and the girl that talks too much. This is us and we are so excited for our business to be just that.

I wanted to take a second to thank everyone that had a part in this for us! Katelyn and Michael, it was such an honor to learn from you! Thanks so much for your support, encouragement and for pushing us to be better. Rocky, we cannot thank you enough for your honesty and candidness with us. Your knowledge and experience has helped us SO much. Noel, thanks for reading my 32 emails and for the most beautiful logo that we LOVE. Thanks to all my sweet vendor friends for showing us so much love and support through this process! We LOVE you and we are so thankful to know you! Mom, Gina, Emma, thanks for proofreading. I’m the worst typer in America, you guys saved me. And last thanks to all of you! Thank you for your continuous readership, love and support!

Ok I’m done now…I told you. I talk WAY too much. Head on over to the new website, y’all! We’d love to hear what you think!



Jared and Heather kicked off our 2015 wedding season and OH MAN was it a good one! First off it felt like May outside. Absolutely gorgeous weather, perfect temperature and the most insane light ever. Second, Jared and Ben are pretty much the same person. They’re both just the right amount of sweet and smart aleck and it made for a super fun day! Heather just glowed. Everything from her amazing gold flecked dress to her beautiful smile was just beyond perfect and I could have shot her all day! We love shooting at Big Sky and love the staff there so it was the perfect storm for an amazing start to an awesome year! Enjoy some of my faves! Also! If you haven’t heard we are launching our new brand on Thursday so go check out our Instagram for a few giveaways to celebrate!bigskywedding_0540bigskywedding_0541bigskywedding_0542bigskywedding_0535bigskywedding_0536bigskywedding_0543bigskywedding_0548bigskywedding_0545bigskywedding_0546bigskywedding_0547bigskywedding_0549bigskywedding_0550bigskywedding_0553bigskywedding_0551bigskywedding_0552bigskywedding_0554bigskywedding_0555bigskywedding_0557bigskywedding_0558bigskywedding_0556bigskywedding_0560bigskywedding_0561bigskywedding_0562bigskywedding_0564bigskywedding_0563bigskywedding_0565bigskywedding_0538bigskywedding_0539bigskywedding_0537bigskywedding_0559bigskywedding_0566bigskywedding_0567

downtown dallas wedding_2980

I LOVED Shelby and Austin’s classic downtown wedding. These two are just so happy, their friends are so fun and their families so sweet and we just loved every minute! Thanks so much y’all for having us! It was amazing:)

downtown dallas wedding_2992downtown dallas wedding_2994downtown dallas wedding_2991downtown dallas wedding_2993downtown dallas wedding_2998downtown dallas wedding_2999downtown dallas wedding_2997downtown dallas wedding_2959downtown dallas wedding_2965downtown dallas wedding_2961downtown dallas wedding_2962downtown dallas wedding_2960downtown dallas wedding_2970downtown dallas wedding_2963downtown dallas wedding_2964downtown dallas wedding_2966downtown dallas wedding_2967downtown dallas wedding_2968downtown dallas wedding_2969downtown dallas wedding_2995downtown dallas wedding_2996downtown dallas wedding_2982downtown dallas wedding_2983downtown dallas wedding_2984downtown dallas wedding_2985downtown dallas wedding_2987downtown dallas wedding_2986downtown dallas wedding_2971downtown dallas wedding_2972downtown dallas wedding_2976downtown dallas wedding_2974downtown dallas wedding_2975downtown dallas wedding_2979downtown dallas wedding_2977downtown dallas wedding_2978downtown dallas wedding_2973downtown dallas wedding_2981downtown dallas wedding_2980downtown dallas wedding_2989downtown dallas wedding_2990downtown dallas wedding_2988downtown dallas wedding_3000

motocross engagement photos_2918

When we discussed their engagement session Ian was super pumped to tie in Motocross. Y’all…I can’t even ride a bike let alone have been around motocross bikes so I was a bit nervous heading in BUT I’m happy to report no one was injured and we got some pretty rad shots with Ian’s way cool bike! This is one of my favorite sessions to date!:)Megan and Ian are the kind of couple that just exudes cute. He pulls her in tight and she giggles the cutest laugh you ever did see. I could have shot them forever! Huge thanks so Beauty and the Blush for the gorgeous hair and makeup and an even bigger thanks to Ian and Megan for being so sweet. We can’t wait for your wedding in June! Enjoy!motocross engagement photos_2920motocross engagement photos_2924motocross engagement photos_2921motocross engagement photos_2922motocross engagement photos_2923motocross engagement photos_2919motocross engagement photos_2925motocross engagement photos_2926motocross engagement photos_2930motocross engagement photos_2932motocross engagement photos_2929motocross engagement photos_2931motocross engagement photos_2928motocross engagement photos_2933motocross engagement photos_2934motocross engagement photos_2935motocross engagement photos_2936motocross engagement photos_2937motocross engagement photos_2938motocross engagement photos_2939motocross engagement photos_2940motocross engagement photos_2942motocross engagement photos_2944motocross engagement photos_2943motocross engagement photos_2945motocross engagement photos_2946motocross engagement photos_2947motocross engagement photos_2948motocross engagement photos_2949motocross engagement photos_2950motocross engagement photos_2951motocross engagement photos_2952motocross engagement photos_2954motocross engagement photos_2955motocross engagement photos_2956motocross engagement photos_2957motocross engagement photos_2953