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When I first started shooting weddings the idea of photographing other photographers was enough to keep me up at night. I would get so nervous that my style wouldn’t be like theirs or that just in general I was doing it wrong. Ha! Insecurities are the pits. NOW I love it! It’s like I get to hang out with someone who GETS ME! Whitney is a super talented photographer in College Station and when we got her email I was SO honored and excited that she chose us to hang out with her and Caleb for a year and celebrate this amazing time with them! I met them for the first time at their session but within minutes it was like we’d known each other forever. I’m so thankful for these two and can’t wait for all the fun to come before October! aggie engagement photos_0467aggie engagement photos_0470aggie engagement photos_0465aggie engagement photos_0475aggie engagement photos_0466aggie engagement photos_0468aggie engagement photos_0469aggie engagement photos_0471aggie engagement photos_0474aggie engagement photos_0472aggie engagement photos_0476aggie engagement photos_0473aggie engagement photos_0477aggie engagement photos_0479aggie engagement photos_0478aggie engagement photos_0480aggie engagement photos_0481aggie engagement photos_0490aggie engagement photos_0482aggie engagement photos_0485aggie engagement photos_0483aggie engagement photos_0484aggie engagement photos_0487aggie engagement photos_0488aggie engagement photos_0498aggie engagement photos_0489aggie engagement photos_0491aggie engagement photos_0493aggie engagement photos_0492aggie engagement photos_0494aggie engagement photos_0495aggie engagement photos_0496aggie engagement photos_0497

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Bradie is a girl you never forget. She’s full of life and bubbly as all get out! Just my kind of gal! Her and I met about 12 years ago…when we were mere pups pitching in high school. It’s always too much fun meeting brides that we’ve known in other seasons of life and catching up on this adventure of adulthood. Her sweet fiance, Jake, is the perfect match for her and we couldn’t be more excited about their wedding this July! Also, Jake gets extra awesome points for hanging out with me for their engagement session on Super Bowl Sunday…I owe the man some cookies! Bradie, you’re just the sweetest and I’m so thankful for you both! Enjoy some of my favorites from our sun drenched winter Sunday!tarno engagement session_0502tarno engagement session_0511tarno engagement session_0503tarno engagement session_0505tarno engagement session_0504tarno engagement session_0506tarno engagement session_0507tarno engagement session_0508tarno engagement session_0509tarno engagement session_0510tarno engagement session_0513tarno engagement session_0514tarno engagement session_0515tarno engagement session_0520tarno engagement session_0516tarno engagement session_0517tarno engagement session_0524tarno engagement session_0518tarno engagement session_0519tarno engagement session_0522tarno engagement session_0521tarno engagement session_0523


Ben and I always talk about taking a little trip during the off season but for some reason or another we’ve never done it. We love to travel but since we’ve been married we literally have never taken a trip that wasn’t for work so this was a little change of pace for us! We woke up super early Tuesday morning and jetted off to Scottsdale. We didn’t have any expectations we just knew that Ben was going to golf and I was going to unplug and chill. I must say from the other side that IT WAS AMAZING! We ate good food, took a few naps, drove a car we’d never buy ourselves and really had a minute to reconnect. When you work with your spouse a lot of conversations end up about the business whether we mean it to or not and after a while it can be easy to leave marriage on the back burner so to have a chance to get away and be together without a schedule, deadline or a worry in the world was JUST what this husband and wife team needed. We are back and rested and ready to kick off 2016 in the best way! I took some photos of our trip and I’m so excited to give y’all a little sneak peek into what was the best vacation we’ve ever had! We highly recommend Arizona and we will certainly be back! tarno_0430

The first day we landed just as the sun was coming up so breakfast was our first stop! Matt’s Big Breakfast was everything Triple D promised. I had a breakfast sandwich and Ben had the Pork and Chick! All of the amazing food was trumped, however, by the Blueberry honey lemonade! Wowza, SO tasty! After that we got to our resort, The Boulders, and we were immediately in awe of the scenery. Our little villa was tucked between two massive rock formations and speckled with cactus of all sorts. I have to admit my biggest fear of the whole trip was being attacked by a jumping cholla! I’m happy to report I made it back without any extra holes. My clumsy nature was challenged a few times but I skirted by relatively unharmed:)We spent the rest of the day being tourists at Frontier Town and soaking up the local flavor and amazing weather! Hellooooo 70 and sunny!tarno_0411tarno_0414tarno_0415tarno_0412tarno_0413tarno_0416tarno_0420tarno_0418tarno_0419tarno_0425tarno_0421tarno_0422tarno_0423tarno_0424

Day 2 was spent at the Stadium Course. If you know us at all you know how much Ben loves to golf. The TPC Scottsdale course hosts a PGA event every spring and it was so neat for him to get to play it right before the pros do! He played like a total pro and we had a blast with his caddie, Brad. Ben even eagled(which means two strokes better than par for those golf illiterates like me) the hardest hole on the course! The high fives a few images down are from that hole. tarno_0447tarno_0426tarno_0427tarno_0429tarno_0445tarno_0444tarno_0443tarno_0428tarno_0463tarno_0464tarno_0432tarno_0433

After we finished golf I made him shower and take me to a state park so we could get a few self timer photos of us in the delish Arizona sunset! It’s harder than it sounds but when your husband has a wing span of almost 7 feet you get lucky and get a few:)tarno_0434tarno_0435tarno_0436tarno_0437tarno_0438tarno_0439tarno_0441tarno_0440tarno_0442tarno_0446

The last day of our trip we drove north two hours to Sedona! We bought a self guided CD tour and drove up and down the mountains and hopped out at every stop to capture the amazing red rocks. Talk about feeling small! The views were spectacular and these photos in no way do it justice. You guys have to go see it for yourself! tarno_0448tarno_0431tarno_0449tarno_0450tarno_0454tarno_0456tarno_0451tarno_0452tarno_0453tarno_0455tarno_0457tarno_0458tarno_0459tarno_0460tarno_0461tarno_0462

white rock lake engagement session_0285

When I got Cera and Dustin’s initial email I had to do a double take! Dustin’s last name is Benedict which SMALL world is mine too! I geeked out a little in my return message so thank goodness they looked past my geekiness and chose us to shoot their wedding in May! We cannot wait for this spring so we get to hang out with these two again. They’re hilarious, so sweet and most of all head over heels for each other. We shot their engagement session back in the fall and upon arrival I promptly dubbed Cera my personal style icon. I mean, really? How cute are her outfits. I can’t. Happy Wednesday, y’all!

white rock lake engagement session_0291white rock lake engagement session_0287white rock lake engagement session_0284white rock lake engagement session_0288white rock lake engagement session_0286white rock lake engagement session_0289white rock lake engagement session_0290white rock lake engagement session_0298white rock lake engagement session_0293white rock lake engagement session_0299white rock lake engagement session_0296white rock lake engagement session_0295white rock lake engagement session_0294

white rock lake engagement session_0318

Oh MAN, you guys! I love this session. With all the rain we had last spring this gem of a location was flooded and we weren’t able to shoot here for the longest time. When it was time to shoot Chaney and Graham’s session, though, it was perfect! It was a gorgeous December day. Perfect weather, perfect light. Graham and Chaney are the kind of couple that are instantly comortable in front of the camera. They laugh big and snuggle close and all day I swooned! I can’t wait for their wedding this fall! Yay!white rock lake engagement session_0300white rock lake engagement session_0309white rock lake engagement session_0301white rock lake engagement session_0308white rock lake engagement session_0305white rock lake engagement session_0303white rock lake engagement session_0302white rock lake engagement session_0304white rock lake engagement session_0306white rock lake engagement session_0307white rock lake engagement session_0315white rock lake engagement session_0317white rock lake engagement session_0314white rock lake engagement session_0313white rock lake engagement session_0312white rock lake engagement session_0311white rock lake engagement session_0319white rock lake engagement session_0310white rock lake engagement session_0316