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Sarah and Tanner were married the last week in June at one of our favorite venues, Stone Oak Ranch! Heading east always feels like home to us and it’s a treat every time we are there. That combined with the fact that we knew almost everyone at the wedding made a perfect day to feel like family! Sarah was a stunning bride! Her gown was definitely one of my favorites of the year and I could have just kissed her for having ALL of these amazing details! She had so many personal touches and y’all know that’s a photographers dream! We are so thankful for this sweet couple and their families! Tanner, Sarah, we love ya! Enjoy!stone oak ranch wedding_0729stone oak ranch wedding_0732stone oak ranch wedding_0730stone oak ranch wedding_0731stone oak ranch wedding_0733stone oak ranch wedding_0734stone oak ranch wedding_0738stone oak ranch wedding_0739stone oak ranch wedding_0740stone oak ranch wedding_0741stone oak ranch wedding_0735stone oak ranch wedding_0736stone oak ranch wedding_0737stone oak ranch wedding_0748stone oak ranch wedding_0742stone oak ranch wedding_0747stone oak ranch wedding_0743stone oak ranch wedding_0744stone oak ranch wedding_0745stone oak ranch wedding_0753stone oak ranch wedding_0754stone oak ranch wedding_0749stone oak ranch wedding_0756stone oak ranch wedding_0755stone oak ranch wedding_0750stone oak ranch wedding_0752stone oak ranch wedding_0757stone oak ranch wedding_0758stone oak ranch wedding_0759stone oak ranch wedding_0751

brides of north texas_0713In May we were beyond excited to team up with some of the most amazing DFW vendors for an editorial shoot that is featured in the new Brides of North Texas Fall/Winter issue! Rachel at As You Wish was the visionary and designer and I was blown away with every little detail and beautiful touch. Be sure to pick up a copy of the latest issue next week to see this and two more amazing 2014 weddings! Huge thanks to the team!

Coordination and Design: As You Wish…

Florals: R Love Floral

Tables and Chairs: Bella Accento

Hair: Stephanie Nelson Hair and Makeup

Makeup: Lipservice Makeup

Cakes: Delicious Cakes

Paper Goods and Calligraphy: Design Roots

Place Settings: Posh Couture

Bride’s Attire: Stardust Bridal
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arlington hall bridal portraits_3465Shelby and I had such a great time over the few months I got to know her before their wedding. She is not only beautiful inside and out but she’s so smart and a joy to be around! We shot her bridals on what of the hottest days in June and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder than when she pulled her dress up and plopped down on the shaded concrete to cool off. She’s such an easy going bride and that makes for such an amazing wedding day! Her and Austin made it official yesterday evening and guys, we cannot wait to show you the photos! Until then enjoy some of her sweet southern bridals and have a wonderful weekend! Have fun in Hawaii guys! You deserve it!arlington hall bridal portraits_3453arlington hall bridal portraits_3455arlington hall bridal portraits_3454arlington hall bridal portraits_3457arlington hall bridal portraits_3456arlington hall bridal portraits_3458arlington hall bridal portraits_3459arlington hall bridal portraits_3460arlington hall bridal portraits_3461arlington hall bridal portraits_3462arlington hall bridal portraits_3463arlington hall bridal portraits_3464arlington hall bridal portraits_3466

bella flora wedding_0694From our very first conversation I knew Whitney and I would be good friends. She is so funny but so down to earth and is just one of those people that brings joy wherever she goes! She’s also such an encourager. And that? That’s my favorite quality in a person. Whit, I can’t thank you enough for all the support you guys give us and how pumped we are about your wedding SO soon! We shot these photos and were blessed with the most delicious light. That paired with their fun and colorful outfits mixed with their easy way with each other was just one for the ages! Chase, Whit, you guys are the greatest! Xo! Also doubly excited because we get to work with some of our faves for their big day! Wedfully Yours, Beauty and the Blush, and Holly Viles! Holla!

bella flora wedding_0702bella flora wedding_0700bella flora wedding_0699bella flora wedding_0701bella flora wedding_0698bella flora wedding_0695bella flora wedding_0694bella flora wedding_0697bella flora wedding_0696bella flora wedding_0693bella flora wedding_0690bella flora wedding_0685bella flora wedding_0692bella flora wedding_0691bella flora wedding_0689bella flora wedding_0688bella flora wedding_0683bella flora wedding_0687bella flora wedding_0686bella flora wedding_0684

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There’s something about early afternoon weddings that give a whole different vibe and we LOVE it! Brooke and Jordan were married on a gorgeous June day at the Chapel at Ana Villa and they were surrounded with so much love and SO MANY gorgeous flowers by Bella Flora. Wow guys. It was out of bounds pretty. Picking a favorite moment of the day is impossible but one that sticks out to me was at the end of their ceremony when their family prayed with them at the altar. Brooke’s mom wrapper her arms around her and they cried together but were comforted by Mr. Akin as he strongly stood behind them solid in his faith and full of joy for Jordan and Brooke! I cried. Ben cried. It was beautiful. Huge thanks to everyone that made this day possible and even bigger thanks to Brooke and Jordan, we love you guys! Enjoy!


Venue: Chapel at Ana Villa

Hair: Bethany Yanetti

Makeup: Wendy Zurrudo

Floral Design: Bella Flora

Linens: Bella Accento

Cakes: Sweet Art Bakery

DJ: DJ Jason Esquire

Videography: When it Clicks

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