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How To Prepare for Your Bridal Session



Bridals are one of my favorite Souther Bell traditions. It’s the perfect chance for  you to get to put on your amazing dress

and feel the kind of beautiful that you’ll only experience again when you’re husband sees you coming down the isle.

Have a bridal session…you won’t regret it.

1) Who should I bring?

-I would recommend bringing your Maid of Honor{if she’s available} and your mother or sister.

Anymore than two and you’ll start to feel flustered and distracted. Besides…you want to surprise everyone in your gown anyway;)

2) Should I get my hair and makeup done?

-Yes! This is the perfect opportunity for you to have your trial hair and makeup appointment.

3) Should I bring a bouquet?

-While it’s not a neccessity I highly recommend bringing a bouquet. It really makes the portraits come to life with a pop of color.

4) What should I bring?

-Your dress{DUH}

-Wedding Day shoes

-Comfortable flip flops to walk around in

-Your Bouquet


-A couple bottles of water{especially in the summer}

5) I have no idea where I want to shoot them…

-I would say that location isn’t the most important thing in a bridal session. The images will really focus on you and your dress so

I would choose somewhere that’s not going to compete with either one. I have a list of my favorite bridal portrait venues ready when you are.

6) Can I get a print from you for the reception?

-Absolutely. I have a list of a la carte prints in all shapes and sizes. Get a canvas! They’re all too classy and rad.


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