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How to Prepare for Your Engagement Session


If you’re reading this then you have most likely booked me for your engagement and wedding photos! Holla! So excited.

I am super passionate about engagement photos. Not only is it a time where we can get to know each other but you guys

can get to know my shooting style and I get to see how you move as a couple. It’s just fun all the way around

and I highly recommend an engagement session to all my clients.

Since you’ve booked you’re probably thinking the following…never fear I’ve gotcha covered:

1) Holy cow…I have NO idea what to wear?!

-I always recommend that my clients wear something they feel GREAT in. If you feel good, you look good. Bold warm

colors look great on any skin tone and any setting. Don’t over accessorize and don’t wear something you normally wouldn’t.

Most couples bring two outfit changes. One that’s a little dressy{or super dressy if you’d like} and something

casual{like jeans and a nice shirt}. Also, don’t be too matchy. You want your outfits to compliment each other not copy. Once you book your

session you can always shoot me an email and we can talk specifics on colors and options for your venue.

2) Where should we have our session?

-I always think it’s perfect when the location really speaks to you as a couple. After you book your session really sit down and think about what you two LOVE to

do together. Say you love to try new restaurants…lets shoot on a patio. So you love to fish? Hey I’ve got a tackle box let’s do it!

Don’t feel limited by what’s “normal” or things that you’ve seen. Let’s make it completely your own!

3) But my mom and grandma want us to take some traditional ones as well…

-Never fear. We can absolutely take some that are a bit more traditional to please everyone involved:)

4) I see most of your sessions have props…do we bring those?

-Most couples bring a thing or two here and there that are important to them. I also have lots and lots of props at my disposal so feel free to ask:)

Once we decide on a theme for your shoot we can talk props and collaborate to make it extra special

5) We met at this great spot in college and would love to have our session there…do you travel?

-ABSOLUTELY! I’m a total travel nut and would love to go wherever to find the perfect place for you two {a small travel fee will be in place if it’s 30 miles outside DFW}

6) How long before we see our photos?

-I will have a preview up on my Facebook and blog in 4-7 days. Your disk will be in the mail within 10!

7) Can I make them my profile picture on Facebook?

-Yes! Please do! That would make me all sorts of happy! Just please don’t crop off my watermark.

8) How long before the wedding should we shoot?

-Anywhere from a full year to 6 months is pretty standard. However, I can rush a shoot and have them ready for you if need be for a minimal fee.

9) I’m SO nervous. I’ve never had my pictures taken professionally..

-Don’t be. We’re going to have a ridiculously good time. All you have to do is be in love and I’ll take care of the rest!


If I haven’t thought of something that you’re thinking just shoot me an email. I’ll get back to you ASAP:)

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