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Jared and Heather kicked off our 2015 wedding season and OH MAN was it a good one! First off it felt like May outside. Absolutely gorgeous weather, perfect temperature and the most insane light ever. Second, Jared and Ben are pretty much the same person. They’re both just the right amount of sweet and smart aleck and it made for a super fun day! Heather just glowed. Everything from her amazing gold flecked dress to her beautiful smile was just beyond perfect and I could have shot her all day! We love shooting at Big Sky and love the staff there so it was the perfect storm for an amazing start to an awesome year! Enjoy some of my faves! Also! If you haven’t heard we are launching our new brand on Thursday so go check out our Instagram for a few giveaways to celebrate!bigskywedding_0540bigskywedding_0541bigskywedding_0542bigskywedding_0535bigskywedding_0536bigskywedding_0543bigskywedding_0548bigskywedding_0545bigskywedding_0546bigskywedding_0547bigskywedding_0549bigskywedding_0550bigskywedding_0553bigskywedding_0551bigskywedding_0552bigskywedding_0554bigskywedding_0555bigskywedding_0557bigskywedding_0558bigskywedding_0556bigskywedding_0560bigskywedding_0561bigskywedding_0562bigskywedding_0564bigskywedding_0563bigskywedding_0565bigskywedding_0538bigskywedding_0539bigskywedding_0537bigskywedding_0559bigskywedding_0566bigskywedding_0567

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